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Art at Heide Museum of Modern Art - Melbourne, VIC
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What I Learned from 31 Days of Blogging

…and we’re back!

Sorry for the hiatus, everyone. True to my introvert nature, I needed time off to recharge after spending 31 days unable to distinguish where my fingers ended and the keyboard began.

Originally, I was sure I’d spend the final day of my personal blogging challenge waxing poetically about the wins, struggles, and lessons learned. By the time I reached the finish line, though, I was too exhausted to know what I thought.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve reverted back to “business as usual;” amidst all the life living and trip planning (Sri Lanka and the  Maldives, here I come!), a handful of little gemstones crystallized into four big ideas:

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Alleyway in Portland, VIC
The Journey

The End… Or Is It? (100.00%)

And here we are, thirty-one days later. We made it!

Originally, I thought I’d use this final post to summarize the process, chronicle the changes, and celebrate the successes.

Now that I’m here, though, I think I’m going to save all that for a later date; let it marinate and see what surfaces after a mini-vacation.

Rather than reflect, today I’m going to recap, because together we have covered a lot of ground.

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A row of broken flip flops
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Aussie As! (9.68%)

Over the course of a lifetime, we build a collection and label it “Important.” Important People. Important Ideas. Important Items. Important Places.

I never would have guessed that Australia – and, more specifically, a quaint little oceanside town of 8,000 Victorians – would become an Important Place.

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Coffee Shop Freelance Writing
The Journey

Just Write (3.23%)

This past Thursday marked three months since dismantling my life as I knew it and moving to Australia. You could call it an annivAUSary… but, then again, you probably wouldn’t.

It also marked three weeks since shacking up with my newest – and least favourite – housemate: writer’s block.

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