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Alleyway in Portland, VIC
The Journey

The End… Or Is It? (100.00%)

And here we are, thirty-one days later. We made it!

Originally, I thought I’d use this final post to summarize the process, chronicle the changes, and celebrate the successes.

Now that I’m here, though, I think I’m going to save all that for a later date; let it marinate and see what surfaces after a mini-vacation.

Rather than reflect, today I’m going to recap, because together we have covered a lot of ground.

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Andy Warhol at National Gallery of Victoria - Melbourne, VIC
Business, The Journey

The Truth about Pyramids (83.87%)

Multi-level marketing (MLM), like Alpha Females, is often the subject of much ridicule, with pet names like pyramid scheme, scam, get-rich-quick scheme, and so on.

I couldn’t help but crack a smile when my sister-by-choice Anja suggested I write about MLM corporations. Anja’s just moved into a gorgeous new home, and on one of her first nights we spent what felt like hours unpacking box after box of, well… stuff. Tupperware. Steeped tea. Epicure. Norwex. You name it, she’s bought it. A true MLM poster child.

So I find myself wondering: what’s the deal with MLM, anyway?

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Writing down ideas over breakfast
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Pitch, Please! – Part I (19.35%)

I’m the type of person who much prefers to ask questions than be asked questions. That’s why, as part of #my500words challenge, I decided to invite friends, family, and perfect strangers to ask me [almost] anything.

Livin’ la vida outside my comfort zone, you guys.

Here’s one of the first questions I received:
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Fear and Advertising

After an exhilarating weekend spent in the Sup for Golden Plains festival, my Tuesday was spent picking away at client files, doing a few loads of post-festival washing, sneaking in a run along the ocean, and devouring not one… not two… but three Netflix documentaries.

Have I mentioned how much I’m loving this freelance lifestyle?

Here’s what was on the docket:

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