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Copyediting and Publishing Textbook with Pen
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Old School, New School, or No School? (87.10%)

Today’s feature image is of the textbook I will be swearing by – and likely swearing at – over the next eight weeks for my final course of the Professional Writing (Marketing and Public Relations) program I started almost 18 months ago.

The end is in sight and I can’t wait to hold that beloved piece of paper in my hands!

On more than a couple occasions, when people learn that I already have a university education, they ask me: so why go back to study?

Well, that’s what I’m going to chat about today. It turns out I’m Old School.

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Jumping at Nunn's Beach, VIC
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Jump Around! (41.94%)

As kids we jump puddles. As adults we jump… jobs?

Maybe you’ve seen statistics floating around about the average number of career changes people make. Time and again, the magic number works out to be seven. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? And while some argue a) where this number came from and b) whether there is credence to the claim, I think it’s time we dug a little deeper…

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Thank you. I see you.

This morning we polished off the last half of a BBC documentary about Algorithms, which lead to a pretty hefty 8:00AM discussion about robots taking over the world. Happy Monday!

Towards the end of the documentary, host and Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy chats with a computer (mad) scientist about how algorithms are now able to “learn us” and make autonomous and surprisingly educated decisions.

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