Gulhi, Maldives - August 2016
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Who Gives a What?

I’m a big fan of those elusive “right place at the right time” moments, and Sunday delivered in a big way.

Whilst on the tram out to catch up with friends in Glen Iris, I happened to turn my head in time to spot a middle-aged man sprawled out along a cement garden box, face to the sun and beaming a rather goofy grin.

I have no reason to believe this man was drunk or high or otherwise incapacitated–from my vantage point, he was simply soaking up a bit of Australian spring sunshine and feeling pretty pleased about it. And before I knew it, I felt a goofy grin spreading across my face, too. Happiness triggers happiness.

Though I can’t confirm it, everything about that man screamed, “I don’t give a what about how other people perceive me.” As most of us know, that’s not an easy way to be. We spend so much time pushing ourselves to do, be, and act in accordance with rules that are arbitrary, unfounded, and often self-imposed.

What’s the lesson to learn here?

Quit giving a what. 

Oh, and if the sun is shining, park your butt on the ground outside, look up, and smile big.

x J.



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  • Reply Miranda October 7, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Love this – smiles are contagious. There are a couple of sun soakers in my old Vancouver hood who I often would walk by and just smile because they were. Great photo, too!

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