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May 2016

Mural in Portland, VIC
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Are You a Unicorn? (80.65%)

With seven days to go in this 31-day challenge, we are officially on the home stretch!

Today I want to talk about fierce females. And if Queen Bey is the first woman who came to mind for you, bonus high fives. However, I’ve decided not to dive into the painful and profound beauty that is Lemonade because I’m not convinced anyone wants to hear me fangirl all over the blog for 500+ words. (If you do, though, say the word and I 1,000% will.)

No, today I’m talking about fierce females in general. Chances are you know one. Chances are you are one.

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Take a Walk (77.42%)

…a photo walk, that is.

Believe it or not, it has been four months since I last set foot on Canadian soil. This is officially the longest I’ve been away from home. After receiving some very exciting news today, homesickness did do its best to get me down, but I set an intention for myself early on to do everything in my power to live in the moment and appreciate the incredible opportunity before me here in Australia.

In a perfect world, I would have been blogging my way around this beautiful country over the past sixteen weeks, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

As a compromise, I thought I’d take you on a photographic journey of how the Little Writer has spent her time in this Big World.

Alright, let’s get moving!

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Wall art in West Brunswick, VIC
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Recycling Nudity (74.19%)

Other than a quick outing on Saturday to watch the Tigers crank out a win at the G (and try out some new footy slang), my weekend has been All Work and (Almost) No Play. I’ve been perched in front of my computer for so many hours that it seems the keyboard has become a physical extension of my own two hands.

Between bouncing from client files to passion projects to school work and back to client files (with a bit of sleep sprinkled in), I became rather unexpectedly nostalgic for a weekly instalment I wrote during my jrwritesthings days of yore. I called it: This Thursday’s Thought.

I’m sure the name speaks for itself, but to clarify: every Thursday I’d write a post similar in flavour and style to what I’ve been publishing for the past twenty-three (!) days. I drew inspiration from everyone and everywhere; as I did, the way I consumed and experienced the world around me shifted.

When you look hard enough, we are surrounded by stories.

Today I’ve decided to share one of my personal favourite Thursday Thoughts. You might call it a cop-out, but I call it recycling – digital eco-friendliness, if you will.

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Boat dock at Cape Bridgewater, VIC
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Do It Afraid (70.97%)

When I told you yesterday that I’m currently book-less, that was a half-truth. I may not be reading a book at the moment, but I am listening to one: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the wildly successful Eat, Pray, Love.

Whenever I’m reading (or audiobooking, as it were), I make notes. In margins, on notebooks, in my head, on a napkin. With each new book I consume, I fall deeper in love with words and the infinite number of beautiful ways they can be placed together.

Talk about a word nerd.

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The Journey

21 Days, 21 Questions (67.74%)

…and just like that, we’ve reached the three-week milestone of this 31-day journey!

I have been humbled and amazed by the positive response thus far… and not just from friends and family, but from total strangers, too.

This lead me to an important realization: other than a short history lesson on how my communications business came to be, and the odd quirk or tidbit in my posts, I haven’t done a proper job of introducing myself. Shame on me!

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