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Wall art in West Brunswick, VIC
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Recycling Nudity (74.19%)

Other than a quick outing on Saturday to watch the Tigers crank out a win at the G (and try out some new footy slang), my weekend has been All Work and (Almost) No Play. I’ve been perched in front of my computer for so many hours that it seems the keyboard has become a physical extension of my own two hands.

Between bouncing from client files to passion projects to school work and back to client files (with a bit of sleep sprinkled in), I became rather unexpectedly nostalgic for a weekly instalment I wrote during my jrwritesthings days of yore. I called it: This Thursday’s Thought.

I’m sure the name speaks for itself, but to clarify: every Thursday I’d write a post similar in flavour and style to what I’ve been publishing for the past twenty-three (!) days. I drew inspiration from everyone and everywhere; as I did, the way I consumed and experienced the world around me shifted.

When you look hard enough, we are surrounded by stories.

Today I’ve decided to share one of my personal favourite Thursday Thoughts. You might call it a cop-out, but I call it recycling – digital eco-friendliness, if you will.

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Lifestyle, The Journey

The Same Old Same Old (25.81%)

Are you a creature of habit or do you prefer a life of spontaneity?

For the past seven days, I’ve willed myself out of bed at 6:30AM, made myself a cuppa (Aussie slang for a cup of tea or coffee), and cozied up on the bean bag chair in my makeshift office to write… and write… and write. By noon, I’m beaming with a sense of accomplishment as I look on at my shrinking to-do list.

…until today.

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