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A row of broken flip flops
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Aussie As! (9.68%)

Over the course of a lifetime, we build a collection and label it “Important.” Important People. Important Ideas. Important Items. Important Places.

I never would have guessed that Australia – and, more specifically, a quaint little oceanside town of 8,000 Victorians – would become an Important Place.

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Tuned: John Grant – “It’s Easier”

This weekend I’ll be taking in my first Australian music festival: Golden Plains X. We’ll pack our swag (sleeping¬†bag) and esky (cooler) into the boot (trunk) of the car and make tracks to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre – the Sup.

I swear that one day I’ll get handle on all this Aussie slang; unfortunately, however, today is not that day.

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