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Street Art - Brunswick West, VIC - September 2016
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Social Proofing

One of my goals for this year was to take a long, hard look at my communications company, Paper Plane Communications, and make some important decisions about direction, appearance, and how to make big magic happen.

As with most major projects, energy, momentum, and motivation tend to come in bursts. Big at first, and then incrementally smaller thereafter–particularly if you let a pretty little thing called life get in the way. And so, for the past few months I’ve been a communications consultant without a website. Sacrilege, I know.

The reason behind my business facelift was simple: as I looked around at the virtual ecosystem I’d created, I realised that while things weren’t broken–in fact, they’d been ticking along quite nicely–they were on the verge of becoming stale. The solution? Pivot

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Writing down ideas over breakfast
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Pitch, Please! – Part I (19.35%)

I’m the type of person who much prefers to ask questions than be asked questions. That’s why, as part of #my500words challenge, I decided to invite friends, family, and perfect strangers to ask me [almost] anything.

Livin’ la vida outside my comfort zone, you guys.

Here’s one of the first questions I received:
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