Travel Itinerary: Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Now that we’ve covered the nagging issue of packing, let’s delve into the fun stuff: traveling!

Something to know about me is that no matter where in the world I find myself, every four to six months the ground will tickle my feet and I’ll know it’s time to pack my bags and go exploring. An unequivocal First World Problem, I know…

When I shared with friends back home that I could feel the all-too-familiar travel bug biting, I received the same response on repeat:

“Aren’t you already on vacation?”

Err… fair point. Kind of.

Although I’m on a year off from my Canadian 9-to-5, that doesn’t mean I’m not working in Australia. Sure, I’ve ventured north to Queensland and visited a smattering of beautiful places around Victoria, but I’ve also logged some serious hours building my business and carving out a life for Ryan and I in Melbourne. I have local haunts. I’m a member at the Brunswick Baths. I work for and invoice clients. I pay rent. As of this week, I’m on a netball team (for you non-Aussies, netball is basically basketball’s awkward cousin; stay tuned for what’s sure to be a series of epic athletic fails). I’m not just loafing around, drinking in the many sights, sounds, and cocktails the city has on offer.

…most of the time, anyway.

So when the opportunity presented itself to link up with Meagan and Mitch—two of my Canadian mates currently on a yearlong RTW adventure—I took it. My knowledge of Sri Lanka and the Maldives was little more than “beautiful” and “beachy,” but that was enough to sell me on third wheeling for three and a half weeks.

Here’s an overview of our twenty-three day travel itinerary:

Sri Lanka:

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  1. Colombo (1 night)

  2. Mirissa (4 nights)

  3. Galle (Day trip)

  4. Tangalle (3 nights)

  5. Uda Walawe National Park (Day trip)

  6. Ella (2 nights)

  7. Kandy (1 night)

  8. Dambulla (2 nights)

Republic of Maldives:

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  1. Male/Hulhumale (2 nights)

  2. Guraidhoo (4 nights)

  3. Gulhi (3 nights)

  4. Maafushi (2 nights)

Before we crack open my travel diary, tell me: what are you dying to know about Sri Lanka and/or the Maldives? Your feedback will ensure I’m publishing relevant, interesting, and useful content (and giving purpose to the thousands of photos in my iPhone’s camera reel).

See you in Sri Lanka!


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