Alleyway in Portland, VIC
The Journey

The End… Or Is It? (100.00%)

And here we are, thirty-one days later. We made it!

Originally, I thought I’d use this final post to summarize the process, chronicle the changes, and celebrate the successes.

Now that I’m here, though, I think I’m going to save all that for a later date; let it marinate and see what surfaces after a mini-vacation.

Rather than reflect, today I’m going to recap, because together we have covered a lot of ground.

Day 1: Just Write

The idea and the post that kick-started it all: just write. Every damn day.

Day 2: I Got it From…

A little tribute to all the mamas out there, with a special shout out to mine.

Day 3: Aussie As!

The first of likely many instalments of odd (and now oddly familiar) Aussie lingo.

Day 4: The Russell Brand Sobriety Test

A quick meditation about transcendental meditation.

Day 5: Habits and Happiness 

Inspired by the extreme talents of Ms. Gretchen Rubin, I discuss why habits and self-awareness help keep you happy.

Day 6: Pitch, Please! – Part I

A quick overview of The Pitch That Shouldn’t Have (But Somehow Miraculously Did) Land Jess Her First Writing Job.

Day 7: Pitch, Please! – Part II

As a follow-up to what not to do, I try to learn from my pitching faux pas and offer up some helpful hints to earn an editor’s favour.

Day 8: The Same Old Same Old

After a week of dutifully blogging at the same time every morning, I disrupted my routine, which prompted me to contemplate why routines matter.

Day 9: The Other Portand

An ode to Portland, Victoria, the small but quaint Australian town where I hung my hat for nearly three months.

Day 10: Go Ahead, Live Dangerously

Here you’ll find five of my favourite books, along with a dangerously delightful quote about reading.

Day 11: A LWBW Public Service Announcement

Despite a searing migraine, I managed to rustle myself out of bed long enough to pen a short and cheeky PSA.

Day 12: Know Before You Go: Moving Overseas

Tips for uprooting to a new country.

Day 13: Jump Around!

I tackle the age-old debate of “job” versus “career.”

Day 14: Instagram for Introverts

What does it mean to be an introvert? To celebrate two weeks #ontheblog, I talk about one of my favourite topics and share my greatest Instagram find in months.

Day 15: The Footy

An overview of some quirky Aussie Rules football (footy) talk.

Day 16: Go Where You Want to Grow

I lean on my own personal experience to answer a question about long-term goals and how to position yourself for success.

Day 17: Pretty in PINK

A behind-the-scenes look at PINK, a darling Saskatchewan publication I’ve had the privilege of writing for over the past three years.

Day 18: Inside an Interview: Five Tips for Success

Not sure how to keep your cool and run an interview that’s smooth as butter? These five tips should help.

Day 19: When “A Lot” Becomes “Too Much”

Sometimes quitting feels like the only option. I share a few strategies to ditch the itch.

Day 20: Travel, Unplugged

Technology has transformed the way we travel, but when it comes to curiosity, is there really an app for that?

Day 21: 21 Days, 21 Questions

To celebrate three weeks of #my500words, I tackle 21 unconventional questions to offer some unusual insight into the Little Writer.

Day 22: Do It Afraid

A post inspired by one of my favourite quotes: “Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do afraid.”

Day 23: Recycling Nudity

Years ago I used to run a This Thursday’s Thought segment on my jrwritesthings blog. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I’d share one of my all-time favourites.

Day 24: Take A Walk

I switch things up and take readers on a visual tour of my last four months in Australia.

Day 25: Are You a Unicorn?

This one’s for all my fierce females out there. Get ’em, gurl!

Day 26: The Truth About Pyramids

Ever wonder what multi-level marketing (MLM) is all about? I chat to an MLM aficionado to give you the inside scoop on this popular business model.

Day 27: Old School, New School, or No School?

A look at three schools of thought about schooling.

Day 28: Magnaficent

Everything you never knew you needed to know about the Mitsubishi Magna, with a sprinkling of kittens.

Day 29: The Fear of Growing Up

An opinionated rejection of the notion that “growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

Day 30: Crazy for Creativity

Science supports that the creatives are often the crazies, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing to be.

…which brings us to today, the final leg of our 31-day journey.

Your job’s not done, though, dear readers, and neither is mine. Just because I might not be blogging every day doesn’t mean I’m not hungry for your suggestions, feedback, and especially your input on what you’d like to see on LWBW. Posts about creativity? Happiness? The communications industry? Travel? Tell me: what gets your wheels turning?

You provide the topic – I provide the words – we provide an experience.

Kisses to all you beautiful people who helped bring this wacky dream to life.

See you soon!


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  • Reply Kari Miller June 6, 2016 at 4:57 am

    Congrats on reaching your goal Jess!! It’s been lovely following along these past 31 days and I am excited to see what the future holds!

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