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If you looked at today’s post title and snickered, thinking to yourself, “Yes, the so-called “writer” made a spelling mistake!” then:

1) Nope. My punny humour is always intentional; and

2) Why is it that everyone is always climbing over themselves to point out a writer’s mistake? Grammar nerd or no grammar nerd, we’re still humans. Mistakes happen.

I digress.

Today – three days from the finish line – I am appeasing my dear, darling Ryan’s request for a blog post about the Mitsubishi Magna. (I can already hear the collective eye roll from Ryan’s friends as they read this.)

But I’m not going to pore over specs and stats (if that’s what you’re after, check out this Facebook page); instead, I’m going to discuss Ryan’s love for and attachment to The Other Maggie. Attachment is something we can all relate to.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering who “the” Maggie is: she’s my cat. Yup.)

For as long as I’ve known Ryan, and for a fair few years before, Maggie has been his leading lady. She’s a bit worn and a bit tired, but only because she’s lived a full life. At one stage we toyed with the idea of driving Maggie from Portland, VIC to Yeppoon, QLD – a quick 4,577 kilometre round trip – but decided to fly instead so as not to a) destroy Maggie or b) destroy each other.

Ryan considers the Magna something of an Australian institution. The Magna production line slowed to a halt in 2005, but according to this article, the car remains one of the country’s top ten best sellers. I guess you could say it’s Aussie as, mate!

At his insistence, here’s a YouTube video showcasing Magnas in all their glittery glory:

I must concede that I’m a big fan of Mitsubishi’s work. So much so, in fact, that last January I finally upgraded from the little red piece of Lego I’d been driving to a schmick grey RVR named Manny. (Someone said the car looked like a manatee, so I ran with it. Manatees are cute in a “Look how squishy!” kinda way.)

So why must my boyfriend shout “MAGNA!” every time we pass a Mits? Because he loves them. Because it’s a normal, human phenomenon to become attached to our possessions. Sure, there is such a thing as an unhealthy attachment, and the Internet is littered with articles about fear or loneliness or lack of impulse control as the root cause behind “love-smitten consumers,” but I think there’s something quite personal and endearing about loving what is yours. A car can’t love you back the way a pet can, but it does serve a function and I think that’s worth a bit of love.

I found a Yahoo! Answers thread for the question “Am I too emotionally attached to my car? If so, how do I detach myself?”

There is a Yahoo! Answer for everything.

Without question, my favourite response was:

Get a kitten get rid of the car and buy something that will not turn good money into bad.

When in doubt, always get a kitten.



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