Walking the tide at Nunn's Beach in Portland, Australia
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The Other Portland (29.03%)

Much like yesterday, the lateness of today’s post is the result of shirking my usual routine. Oops 2.0.

Unlike yesterday, however, I have a much better and more exciting excuse.

Moving Day!

After spending three months living in the quaint, oceanside town of Portland, Victoria (henceforth known as The Other Portland), today we packed Ryan’s Mitsubishi Magna (spoiler alert: he’s officially staked his claim to a Magna-related LWBW post, so stay tuned for that) full to the brim and made the four-hour trip to our new home sweet home of Melbourne.

Although I’m over-the-moon excited to finally be living in a city I’ve dreamed of calling home since I first set foot there in 2012, I’m sure in the coming months I’ll find myself a bit nostalgic for the slowed pace, the familiar faces, and the ocean quite literally outside my front door.

Little Writer, Little Portland

Here’s the skinny on The Other Portland according to Jess (and Wikipedia… and the squad of beautiful Portlanders I surround myself with day in and day out):

Victoria’s oldest European settlement, Portland is an hour’s drive south of the Great Ocean Road’s southernmost point, Warrnambool. Because of its location, most fail to make the trip to Portland and instead turn around at Warrny to begin their trek back up the winding, coastal trail.

You might be wondering what brought me to Portland and what kept me there for twelve weeks; if so, I can tell you that both questions share the same answer: a boy. (It’s always a boy, isn’t it?)

Population estimates for Porto vary between 7,000 and 10,000, but when you’re dating a local and a trip down the street (in reality, pretty much everything is “down the street” in Portland) is a never-ending stream of “Heygan mate,” it feels a lot smaller than even the most conservative of estimates.

That Portland hugs the ocean means plenty of beautiful stretches of beach and opportunities to spot whales and the country’s only seal colonies.

No trip to the 3305 would be complete without sipping on a Chai latte at Cafe Lazat, brunch at Clock By The Bay, a wander along the Great Southwest Walk at picturesque Cape Bridgewater (pictured below), dipping your toes at Nunn’s Beach (as seen at the top of this post), and a pot of cider at the Mac’s Hotel.

Pristine beach in the foreground, the Great Southwest Walk in the background.

One last walk down the beautiful Nunn’s Beach.

I will miss these a latte.

I’ll need a few days to get settled into life in West Brunswick, but expect a slough of Melbourne-related posts to follow.

Until tomorrow,




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