Tuned: John Grant – “It’s Easier”

This weekend I’ll be taking in my first Australian music festival: Golden Plains X. We’ll pack our swag (sleeping bag) and esky (cooler) into the boot (trunk) of the car and make tracks to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre – the Sup.

I swear that one day I’ll get handle on all this Aussie slang; unfortunately, however, today is not that day.

Because I have a portable office, I’m able to listen to whatever I want at whatever decibel I want. That’s how I stumbled upon this heart-wrenchingly beautiful ballad by Michigan artist and Golden Plains performer John Grant.

(If my Canadian John Grant happens to be reading this, know that you are missed!)

I’d be remiss not to share the festival’s “Dickhead Policy:”

Festivals at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre have a No Dickhead Policy.

Essentially this is a self-policing policy whereby ‘the dickhead’ is not celebrated at the festival. Dickheads or people involved in dickhead behaviour will usually find that a solid citizen will firmly but politely inform them that their dickhead behaviour is not admired or appreciated. The Dickhead will usually realise they are being a dickhead and pull their head in. If not, our Helpers or Staff or even Security can make a discreet intervention. Dickheads can be anonymously reported by texting 0430 091 120, emailing Aunty, or in person at a Helper Hut or the Info Centre.

So if you are a Dickhead, this festival isn’t for you.

From this I’ve learned that a) this festival and b) this country is definitely for me.


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